PageLines- mobile.pngHow to ensure that senior citizens keep a grip on their life.
You notice that your parents are slowly losing control of their lives due to, for example, Illness or dementia and you are unable to support them and solve their problems. The authorities cannot help you because of cut-backs and the tendency to let the family themselves provide the solutions.

Do you recognise any of the following situations?

Acute care issues

  • If your parents need care they end up in a forest of bureaucratic rules , assessment procedures and waiting lists . They cannot find a way out.
  • Your mother was diagnosed with a serious illness and now all sorts of practical issues require immediate attention.
  • Appointments must be arranged with specialists, requiring a lot of time and energy. Moreover, your parents also need someone to guide them during the specialist visits.
  • There are problems with the health insurance coverage because the health costs do not appear to be covered.  What coverage is available and what is for their own account?
  • Your father fell and broke his hip. There was no alarm to alert someone. Who is around to help him?
  • You receive signals from the neighbors that they are worried about your parents. They often wander around or to go shopping at times that the shops are closed.
  • The house of your parents is dirty and the food in the fridge and cupboards is long out of date.


  • Bills are ignored and unpaid resulting in visits form bailiffs court orders.
  • Large amounts of cash are withdrawn and spent, but it is unclear on what it is spent.
  • Insurance expires and coverage withdrawn or the wrong risks are covered.
  • Credit or debit cards get lost , forgotten PINs  resulting in chaos.
  • There are unsolved problems with the mortgage or bank accounts.

Fiscal errors

  • Tax returns are filed late or incorrect.
  • Preliminary tax demands are not paid.
  • Gifts are administered incorrectly, resulting in overpayment of taxes.

Depending upon the situation, you can outsource some issues to specific providers. Often, however, there are problems on multiple fronts, and therefore you need someone who has a helicopter view, who can monitor the whole process and ensure that there is optimal communication between all parties. In short you need Wijontzorgen.

When you have  insufficient time knowledge or experience, or you simply live to far away  to resolve your parents issues , you need a party that knows how things work in the healthcare world and a party that also understands fiscal , administrative and / or banking issues.

Wijontzorgen can provide all the services that you may require. With an extensive network and 40 years of experience Wijontzorgen can ensure that your care issues are solved. We provide personal service and tailor made solutions. We see our customers as family and treat them accordingly.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

About Gary Yanover

Gary-YanoverGary Yanover has more than 40 years financial and administration and process experience within the financial sector. He has worked as Consultant, Process Manager, Business Analyst and People Manager.  Gary’s knowledge and experience now form the basis for the “Total Care” concept which he provides through Wijontzorgen.  He helps clients to identify the “needs behind the request”, initiates an action list and ensures that the list is correctly completed.

Gary offers his clients Dutch sobriety combined with British politeness. Gary is integer, straightforward, tenacious and he has a strong sense for quality and service. Gary thinks before he leaps and he strives for personal service and tailor made solutions.  Gary thinks of his clients as family. Their worries become his worries. Total customized care in the widest sense of the word.